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Ayanna Penn
Team Beachbody Star Diamond Coach

"Whenever I enter Lateefah 's presence I am rest assured that my spirit will be both enlivened and calmed at the same time. She is an amazing instructor and friend to all because she sees potential in each student that they don't yet see in themselves. Such an inspiration!"

Carol Cochi, Ph.D.

"Lateefah has been my Pilates trainer for over a year.  In that time, and under her tutelage, I have become stronger, and more flexible, and am in better physical health.  She has taught me about making healthier choices in my eating habits as well as incrementally increasing my  day-to-day excercise routines.  I have noticed improvements in my health, but more importantly, my husband has noticed that I am physically more toned and have more energy. It is truly my pleasure to support Lateefah in any efforts she pursues.  A person who can have such a positive impact on guiding individuals and groups to make better and more health-conscious choices is a definite benefit to society."


Rachel Taylor

"Lateefah is inspirational!  She has a special way of getting you to want to be your strongest, fittest, best self even as she makes you believe you're already beautiful as you are right now.  With Lateefah it's not about "no pain, no gain." It's more like, let's have some fun and get it done!  Her positivity and energy is contagious.  You cannot help but feel good around Lateefah!"

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