2017 is Here

Cats relaxing on a treadmill that seems like it has never been used

Cats resting on a treadmill

New year, new resolutions!  Hey, why not, resolutions are meant to be broken, anyway right?  That “firm decision to do or not do something” may actually work this year.  Yeah, you should read that last sentence with as much sarcasm as you can possibly muster up.  I am not being a killjoy.  I am just being a realist. Honestly, I believe in reaching toward your goals and working hard to get there: realistically, steadily and without pause. BUT – Why not take a new approach this year?  May I suggest, instead of resolutions, setting intentions to enhance your life?  Before I begin teaching my yoga classes, I tell the students to set their intentions for class.  Pretty much, asking them why they decided to step on the mat that day.  Everything they do in that next hour or so should go toward that intention.  An intention is an aim or plan, a thing intended. Have a plan, move towards it – realistically steadily and without pause.

By the way, try to go deeper than the usual lose weight, reduce stress, eat right, cookie cutter, blanket resolutions. Remember, this is about enhancing your life, not just changing your body.  There’s a bonus when you enhance your life: You may enhance someone else’s life, as well.

Not sure what I mean by enhancements?  A few suggestions:

Try a new (active) activity.  Get out of your comfort zone and dance, do anti-gravity yoga flow, lift heavier weights, go on walking tours of a near-by city, bike to work, try parkour, indoor rock climbing, trampoline rooms, trapeze lessons….just try something new.  Maybe one new activity a month!

Donate your time – not just your money.  It doesn’t always have to be an organization or established charity.  Helping a neighbor or running errands for a friend or person who could really use some help.  You would not believe how you good you will feel when you, unselfishly, do for others.

Call (positive) people.  .  It’s good to speak to people who have a great outlook on life and can keep you in a positive state of mind.

Disconnect.  Social media will go on without you.  I promise.  A day or even 2 a week to just let it go. Stop scrolling through your feeds and make your own exciting life.

Go green(s). Try some new green leafy veggies every week. Go to your local farmer’s market, grocery store…and grab some greens.  Sautee, eat raw, wilt over rice or quinoa.  Your body and colon will adore you for trying all these greens!

Take a trip. Drive to a great location to chill, take a train ride to your vacation destination and enjoy the scenery, finally take that trip you’ve been putting off because there’s “just no time”. Time to get away!

Breathe.  Yeah, there are apps that remind you to breathe. Take a moment or 2, or 3, to be still and enjoy the rhythm of your breath.

Look in the mirror more – and complement yourself!  It’s not conceit.  It gets you to appreciate YOU.  Open your eyes  and start to see the beautiful being you are.  That’s a daily thing.

Don’t rush everything. Weight loss, getting a new job, quitting a bad habit.  Don’t sabotage your progress by rushing through the process. There is an end result you are striving for but it’s the lessons you learn by going through your process that allows for lasting changes to occur.  Note: breathing moe works well here!

Of course, there are so many more ways to enhance your life.  A clearer mind, healthier diet and increased activity automatically create a better you.. The incredible by-product of an enhanced life is a healthier, more fulfilling life.  One where you understand the power you have to make change. So, no resolutions, yay!!!  Strive for those enhancements.  It will be worth it J.

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