5 Benefits of Travel

Benefits of Travel

Traveling has tremendous benefits for us and the people around us. Traveling opens our minds to new cultures and experiences. It takes us away from our everyday stressors to allow us to recharge and reset. If you choose to travel, here are 5 wonderful benefits.

5 benefits of travel:


  1. Improves your health

    Traveling can improve your mental and physical health. Taking time away from your everyday routine and exploring new places can lower your stress and increase your overall well being. When we travel and explore the sights, we are moving our bodies more throughout the day than the norm. Think of how much walking we do at a typical theme park!

  2. Improves our understanding of other cultures

    When we travel and experience other cultures, we develop empathy and a deeper understanding. We may find that we have more in common than we knew and may change our perspectives.

  3. You get to try amazing new foods

    Eating local food in a new country is an eye opening experience. You will taste flavors and combinations you never could have imagined. Do you enjoy tamales? Try an authentic street tamale in Mexico City. Like sushi? You won’t know real sushi until you try some in Japan!

  4. Ignites your sense of adventure

    Traveling involves facing the unknown and thinking differently. It pushes us out of our comfort zone. Learning to navigate when you don’t speak the language, trying new foods, and an endless list of possible excursions- it’s exhilarating! As an added bonus, after you face these new experiences you’ll feel proud of yourself for doing so.

  5. Creates lifetime memories

    Traveling leaves a huge impression on us, even if the trip is short or seemingly insignificant. Doing something out of the ordinary tends to stick in our memories. Memories are priceless. They become stories that we share and they even get passed down through generations. 


If traveling has been on your mind, or on your bucket list, I urge you to get up and get going. Travel shouldn’t be seen as an unattainable luxury, something we’d “love to do one day”. Do it today. Live this life to the fullest! If you’re unable to travel abroad, take a road trip. Can’t go far? Plan a “staycation”, a mini trip in your area. Change things up, get out of your comfort zone, and explore!

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