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February 13, 2018

My love of travel began with road trips to Virginia, Gary, Indiana and Washington D.C. in our orange Cougar XR-7 with my family, the car filled with the music of Gary Byrd, The Brothers Johnson and Parliament Funkadelic, the smell of freshly fried chicken and Wise potato chips and me lying across the Popeye-themed sheet strewn across the backseat so we didn’t make a mess. High class and first class?  Probably not.  An environment that encouraged memories that not only last a lifetime but were so strong, the need to replicate these experiences with my own children is strongly ingrained?  Most definitely.  Vacations, via airplane, to places like Disney-world and Aruba came later (cue “The Jefferson's” theme song, y’all!) and poured huge amounts of lighter fluid on my already smoldering flame of love for travel.

During this same time my love for dance was growing by leaps and bounds with my mom “famously” forcing me to dance every weekend with La Rocque B...

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For the love of sweat and asana

May 2, 2018

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