Key phrases to learn when traveling abroad

Key phrases to learn when traveling abroad

Pro tip: you don’t have to learn an entire language when you visit another country. But when you travel to a destination where you don’t speak the language, I suggest you always learn a few words or phrases. It doesn’t need to be complicated (by the way, Google translate is pretty lovely!).   Words and …

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Change Takes Courage

The need for change is something everyone faces at some point in their lives. Taking initiative to make change is often easier said than done. It takes courage to leave our comfort zones, to venture into unfamiliar territory, and to let go of old patterns. Courage is Fueled by Inspiration and Determination. Determination, and the …

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The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India and has been around for over 5,000 years. It’s a form of exercise that not only helps you stay physically healthy but improves your mental health as well.  The benefits of yoga are vast and far-reaching. Yoga is known for relieving stress, pain, and anxiety. It …

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Benefits of Travel

5 Benefits of Travel

Traveling has tremendous benefits for us and the people around us. Traveling opens our minds to new cultures and experiences. It takes us away from our everyday stressors to allow us to recharge and reset. If you choose to travel, here are 5 wonderful benefits.   5 benefits of travel:   Improves your health Traveling …

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Mexico City

Destination Spotlight: Mexico City

In Mexico City, you’ll never run out of things to do. This dynamic metropolis is home to everything from famous tourist spots, ancient ruins, to dazzling skyscrapers, and of course delicious cuisine. Highlights of Mexico City Mexico City, also known as Ciudad de México, is one of the oldest and greatest cities in the Americas, …

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What does it mean to live your best life EmpowerFit Wellness Lateefah Fleming

What Does It Mean to Live Your Best Life?

We see and hear this phrase all over and especially on social media. It’s often captioned on images with influencers soaking up the sun on a yacht or sipping champagne, but these are simplified and superficial examples of the phrase. Living your best life, I believe, is living as the best and most authentic version …

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