the words Mental Health in large bold text on a laptop which is opened on a white shag rug as a call to action that your mental health matters and is essential to your overall wellness

Your Mental Health Matters

Did you know that one in five adults in the U.S. experience mental health issues each year?  This is just one of the many shocking statistics regarding mental health or mental illness. With just this one, though, we can already see how many people’s lives are influenced by mental illness.  Sadly, though, there remains quite […]

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Change Takes Courage

The need for change is something everyone faces at some point in their lives. Taking initiative to make change is often easier said than done. It takes courage to leave our comfort zones, to venture into unfamiliar territory, and to let go of old patterns. Courage is Fueled by Inspiration and Determination. Determination, and the

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Benefits of Travel

5 Benefits of Travel

Traveling has tremendous benefits for us and the people around us. Traveling opens our minds to new cultures and experiences. It takes us away from our everyday stressors to allow us to recharge and reset. If you choose to travel, here are 5 wonderful benefits. 5 benefits of travel:   Improves your health Traveling can

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This is the face of depression. Empowerfit Wellness

This is the face of depression.

That gorgeous smile.  The pearly whites showing.  The head tilted back in laughter. The “boss babe” look. All faces of depression.  All the faces of someone who really does love life but doesn’t always feel like she can make it through life. Listen, I am a wellness motivator, coach and professional. 20 years in the

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A diverse group leaning against a tree in a field for a group picture after an outdoor yoga class during a wellness event by empowerfit wellness

Are you afraid of traveling during a pandemic? Lateefah has a few words of wisdom to help with that.

Traveling during and after a pandemic. Just a word or 2. Or 3… Whether you say no way would I ever (as is completely your right. You need to be comfortable with whatever decisions you make). Hmmmmm, been thinking about it but I don’t know or anything else. If you happen to decide to travel,

Are you afraid of traveling during a pandemic? Lateefah has a few words of wisdom to help with that. Read More »

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