Cell Phones and Fitness

So many people are stressed out right about now.  Though we have different causes for the stress, one thing we can generally agree upon: a great place to relieve that stress is the gym. I really should just name this “Top Pet Peeves” or “Don’t Be So Rude” or “Really? You Have your Phone???”, or …

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2017 is Here

New year, new resolutions!  Hey, why not, resolutions are meant to be broken, anyway right?  That “firm decision to do or not do something” may actually work this year.  Yeah, you should read that last sentence with as much sarcasm as you can possibly muster up.  I am not being a killjoy.  I am just …

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Work that layover!!

One of the best parts of my Maldives yoga retreat was Singapore. Wait, what? When I let people know my travel time to the Maldives will be 30 hours, they gasped. When I let them know my return travel time would be a little over 40 hours, I was written off as crazy. Or just …

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Purple Lips… or Free to Be Me

What happens when you decide to just live your life? When you decide to take a few moments (minutes, days…. years? Hey however long it takes)to simply love who you are and present that person to the world? The other day, someone mentioned to me that they noticed I’m wearing a lot of purple or …

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Hi, my name is Lateefah and I accept me. Pretty much most of the time. Not an easy thing to say after looking at a picture of myself 6 years ago and crying.  I don’t look like that chick anymore. But wait.  Now, I accept me so much that when I go through those days …

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