Change Takes Courage

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The need for change is something everyone faces at some point in their lives. Taking initiative to make change is often easier said than done. It takes courage to leave our comfort zones, to venture into unfamiliar territory, and to let go of old patterns.

Courage is Fueled by Inspiration and Determination. Determination, and the willingness to put in the effort, and the visceral feeling of inspiration is what fosters true courage. More importantly, inspiration and determination are what allow courageous actions to bear fruit. 

How can we  foster the courage to make change?

Make Your Goals Clear

Create a vision board, journal, practice visualization, be clear on the goal you hope to achieve. Without a clear goal in mind you can’t have a clear path to achieve it. Need help determining your goals? Learn more about Goal Setting Coaching with me here.

Start Small

In James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits,” he writes about the importance of developing habits to make the biggest changes in life. For example, cutting out sugar: While quitting sugar cold turkey can be a significant change in itself, it isn’t sustainable. Quite often, many relapse.However, by removing sugar from just one beverage the habit can be developed. The habit creates momentum and inertia, creating the mindset to effortlessly eliminate sugar from other parts of the diet. This small habit builds over time, thereby creating the greatest change.

Practice Self Compassion

Be kind to yourself, especially when undergoing big changes and transitions. Take time to reflect and process what you are experiencing. Honor yourself where you are presently and where you hope to be. 

Let Go of Perfection

Don’t let fear of failure hold you back from taking the first step. Don’t be afraid to take imperfect action. Sometimes “done” trumps perfection. 



In order to make our desired changes a reality, we need to find the courage, and inspiration to do so. Having a clear sense of what we will gain from the change, our goal, will spark inspiration and help keep us motivated to persevere. Sustainable change usually doesn’t happen overnight. Start small, be patient with yourself and the process, and most importantly take that first step.

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