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empowerFit @ Freedom Within Yoga

211 Chadwick Road, Teaneck, NJ

Wednesday 7:30pm (60 mins)

YinYang Yoga

Perfect class to end your day. Holding stretches for an extended amount of time helps to stretch you from the inside out. Moving slowly in specific poses helps to get the stress out.


Saturday 8:30am (75 mins)

empowerSoul Flow  (coming 2020)

The music is the soundtrack for your elevation: Gentle movements gradually build to a rhythmic, vigorous and meditative vinyasa flow that strengthens the body and moves your soul. Ends with deep stretching and meditation.


Saturday 10am (60 mins)

empowerFlow Yoga

This flow is meant to empower and energize.  Bring water, a towel and a sense of humor. It’s time to flow!

Beginner to Intermediate level (some advanced poses may be safely incorporated)


$20/class ~ $170/10-class card


Fireshaper (hot yoga)

WEBSITE for pricing

Fireshaper Rutherford

42 Park Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rutherford, NJ 07070

Wednesday 9:30am (75 minutes)

Vinyasa Flow

Open level, vinyasa class

Friday 9:30am (60 minutes)


Yoga, weights and a lot of heat! An incredible way to burn calories, challenge your stamina and build strength.


Fireshaper Westwood

246 3rd Avenue, Westwood, NJ  07675

Wednesday 6:00am

Vinyasa Flow

Truly a great way to set the tone for your day!


Strength, breath, movement and flow!