Lateefah Fleming is a Yoga School owner and 20 year veteran of the health and wellness field, Lateefah is the President and Chief Motivating Officer of EmpowerFit Wellness LLC. She creates, curates and cultivates space for individuals and groups, with an emphasis on Black women and women of color, to achieve optimal health through global yoga retreats, breathwork, meditation, workshops, published works and transformational coaching experiences. 

Along with running her company, Lateefah is a Lululemon Ambassador, doula, author, mentor, member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated and was featured as one of Yahoo!'s Top 10 Powerful Women of 2021. She remains dedicated to encouraging and empowering women, and those who love them, to pursue their passion and live their purpose.

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Lateefah’s clients have experienced the wonders of yoga, Pilates, and dance in her own exclusive retreats in Morocco, Belize, The Maldives, Egypt, Cuba, Panama, France, Costa Rica, Bermuda, and The Catskills, to name a few.

Lateefah is dedicated to empowering women and encourages them to not only find their voice, but to use their voice to embolden themselves and their communities.

She is also a proud member of Delta Signa Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

Be sure to also check out Lateefah during her “Motivating the Motivator”--weekly IG Live series dedicated to amplifying and uplifting the voices and power of women of color and all people.”

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Lateefah Fleming with a gleaming smile and head thrown back confidently as featured as yahoo's Top 10 Powerful Women of 2021

Along with Oprah Winfrey and eight other strong women Lateefah is included on:

Yahoo’s Top 10 Powerful Women of 2021

“Inspiring women to have healthy relationships with their mind, body and spirit is the number one mission of international fitness & lifestyle guru, Lateefah Fleming, President and Chief Motivating Officer
of empowerFit Wellness, LLC. A 20-year veteran in the wellness field, Lateefah is a certified E-RYT500 yoga instructor, a Brand Ambassador for Lululemon, and has been the Director of Dance and Fitness for several leading facilities and organizations in the Tri-State area and beyond.

This multi-talented entrepreneur sponsors wellness retreats both domestically and internationally.

Happiness Is Non-negotiable, with Lateefah Fleming. 

Lateefah Fleming is the Chief Motivation Officer at Empower Fit Wellness. She shares the journey it took to start living her life on her terms despite fear and guilt.

During this month's live, Kimberlee and her guest, Lateefah Fleming, founder of empowerFit Wellness, will seek to energize your self-care journey through yoga.

Feat. Lateefah Fleming Ep. 85

This is the face of depression.
"That gorgeous smile. The pearly whites showing. The head tilted back in laughter. The “boss babe” look. All faces of depression. All the faces of someone who really does love life but doesn’t always feel like she can make it through life."

8 Things You Should Know About Lateefah Fleming

Mochapreur chat with Lateefah Fleming of Empowerfit Wellness LLC

Couch Conversations: A Convo with Lateefah Fleming

Find your own Peace. Lateefah on Core Conversations

"Black women are constantly holding spaces for everyone. We give permission for others to find their way and create space growth and healing. When do we do that for ourselves? When we get into our practice and understand the power of finding our voice, this is an empowering experience. This is also a way for us to rid ourselves of generational trauma that is embedded deep in our bodies. Breathing, meditation and physical poses connect to provide tools to give us personal peace."

Lateefah stopped by to discuss the importance of movement for us women over 50 and the benefits as we age. Lateefah can be found at and on Instagram at @empowerfitchick. Lateefah has also written a book “Everyone Can do Yoga: 30 Days of Information and Instruction on an Ancient Practice That Works Wonders in Our Modern World”

Join YWCA CEO Helen Archontou and Lateefah Fleming, Chief Motivating Officer empowerFit Wellness, LLC ( as Lateefah shares her journey around self-care and providing a space for women, especially black women, to discover the power and importance of their voice.

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