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For so long, for years, maybe even forever, my dream was to own my own Studio, fitness facility. A “space” and place to house this movement and experience called empowerFit Wellness. So many opportunities have presented themselves only to fall completely flat. Really flat like, pancake flat…..dreams crushed, flat..ready to give up…..

While those opportunities have come and gone I held on to what I believed was my dream. Little did I know my dream would be realized while looking out on the Atlantic Ocean while I was in Morocco. I finally knew where my studio will be!

My studio will be the world. My dreams, goals and expectations have no limits and no boundaries. This empowerFit experience has no boundaries. I am not defined by the walls of a space. My studio will be overlooking a cliff in Amorgos, Greece. A park in Hackensack, NJ. Maybe off the coast of Jacmel in Haiti. Another Studio may be deep in the beautiful rainforest of Costa Rica. It will be me teaching a Zumba class in Aruba.  Corporate classes in Allendale, NJ.  Yoga classes on Peter Island, anyone? How about a beautiful field at a rustic Winery in Washingtonville, NY? Along the southern shore of Bermuda? Where is my studio location? Cuba, Morocco, the Maldives….oh my goodness, what an incredible world!

It’s wherever I am; and I am bringing my peeps along. I don’t just want my dream of seeing the world to come true.  I want everyone to see, witness, experience, fulfill their dreams. For some people the world is their oyster. For me the world is my wonderful, glorious studio. Of course, I will still be local at Freedom Within Yoga in Teaneck.  It’s home. My local will always be a part of my global experience but I’m ready to make this practice a journey and take this experience everywhere.

My own fitness studio- empowerfit wellness. Lateefah Fleming of empowerfit Wellness practicing yoga in a field overlooking the ocean while traveling and exploring the world.

What’s interesting is we have these dreams or visions of what we feel life is supposed to be and hold so tight on to that dream that we are no longer open for that vision to evolve.  We get stubborn and don’t roll with where the flow takes us.  But, take a few breaths. Relax and you will move forward with more ease, strong enough to get over the hurdles life places in your way. As we grow so do our experiences and world view.  Those new experiences don’t squash your original dreams they only help them to expand, flesh out and manifest.

It’s amazing what happens when you take the time to be still.  Listening to God, watching the waves, hearing the tide roll on to the shore, tuning in to the sound of my own breath… it was along the northern shores of the Motherland where I took a few moments to stop my own chatter and hear what God has in store for me.  The experience I want to create is very clear to me. What I am now actually ready for. My job, my life, my passion, what gets me up when I am too exhausted to move, is to motivate people. Anywhere.

My own fitness studio- empowerfit wellness- traveling and experiencing the world and riding a camel with a fellow retreat goer.

My new studio location is set.  The whole-body experience has found a home, a new name and a bigger focus. The doors are open. Deep breath.  Here we go:

My name is Lateefah Fleming and I am the President and Chief Motivating Officer of empowerFit Wellness, LLC, a yoga, dance and whole-body experience dedicated to empowering people and building communities locally and globally by combining the grounding, strength and flexibility of yoga, the freedom and movement of dance and the empowering environment to encourage, motivate and inspire people to pursue their best selves.

Featured on Yahoo’s Top 10 Most Powerful Women:

“Lateefah’s clients have experienced the wonders of yoga, Pilates, and dance in her own exclusive retreats in Morocco, Belize, The Maldives, Egypt, Cuba, Panama, France, Costa Rica, Bermuda, and The Catskills, to name a few.”
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