Group travel for peeps who don’t like groups

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If you see a great trip at an amazing destination with an amazing itinerary (cultural activities, tours, food, wine tastings, etc … you know, like an empowerFit Wellness experience ) and it is for a group, you should go! Yes, even if groups generally aren’t your thing. The experience will still be your own, and even within a group setting you can maintain your autonomy.

What are a few ways to be an individual within the group experience?


Book a single room

Expect the price to be a little more than the double occupancy offer but you will be able to decompress, “turn off”, and have some extra privacy. Not to mention with no chatter from a roomie.

Maximize your free time

Even with the most well thought out and executed retreat activities, every second is not scheduled. Is there something you want to do in that area that is not offered? Speak to the organizer (usually me!) ahead of time.  I always have scheduled events and excursions for the peeps in my group but can always find more for you to do as an individual.  The organizer can give suggestions or the staff at whatever place you’re staying can assist.  There are always nearby cafes, stores, markets, or museums for you to explore.

It’s a party – kind of.

With other folks on this trip, there’s plenty of opportunity for networking, getting to know other people and just having a really good time. One thing I can say about my retreats, whether people are in single or double occupancy, everyone arrives as strangers and leaves as family.

Be an early bird.

I do a lot of retreats on or near the water. Get out and enjoy the sunrise, walk on the beach, meditate, etc. Just have some alone time before the activities set in.

Sit some stuff out.

You do not have to do every single activity. When you are on the retreat, you may find there is a day or 2 that you may want to opt out.  If you let the organizer know within 24 hours you may need to sit out, that shouldn’t be a problem if you skip a few activities. The courtesy of heads’ up is all that is needed. Now, with all that in mind, a few things:

  1. An immense amount of time, effort and energy went into the production of the trip so, of course, I always hope the participants make an effort to do as many activities as possible.
  2. Please don’t ask what the cost of the trip is minus an activity or 2.  Cost will be the same.
  3.  If you want to do all the activities but only at the times you want to do them (which may not be when they are scheduled for the trip) and don’t want to do stuff with any participants, disregard this blog and book your solo excursion!

Being part of a group travel experience has it’s benefits; an added sense of safety and the ability to connect and grow relationships for example. Being part of a group does not have to restrict or hinder your experiences you consider some of these tips. So if you’re on the fence about singing up for a Wellness Retreat, I say give it a shot. You never know what can happen!


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