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Ok, what's this about?

I have an anniversary coming up on April 16th. It’s the anniversary of my breakthrough (formerly called my “breakdown”). There has been a lot of work done up until this point to heal my inner child, abused adult child and wounded adult since then. There has finally been a program that works completely for me to combat my clinical depression.

One of the most important things I do is journaling. It has been an incredible tool in my mental healing toolbox. Through the amazing and sometimes incredibly emotional process, journaling has been a comfort - and a raw way to process my feelings.

With this challenge, I am hoping we can ALL begin this wonderful habit of writing ro get our feelings out and on paper. Short talks on the power of journaling and Instruction included, as well.

We need as many people as possible to come out in the world and de-stigmatize mental illness - especially in the Black American community. Let's all come together to journal, seek therapy, assist those who need help.


  • A journal
  • Free 1/2  hour virtual Wellness session with me
  • Free copy of my book, EveryBODY Can Do Yoga: Information and Instruction for Self Love, Body Acceptance, and Finding Your Voice Through an Ancient Practice

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