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Are you living a life based on what your passions?

Have you been able to achieve your goals?

A better question may actually be: have you taken the time to discover what you are truly passionate about? 

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Soul:Unchained is about empowerment and living your purpose. It is an understanding that there is no cookie- cutter way to move through your journey. Your path is personal. Your purpose is real. You are worthy.

This holistic approach to uncovering, connecting with, nurturing and empowering your beaudacious, delicious and powerful whole self - mind, body and soul - has 3 different components :

The Experience | The Retreat | The Course.

I developed the concept of Soul:Unchained with the desire to get women to recognize their own greatness; to finally turn the lens on themselves and make a decision that they are worthy of attention. It is time to finally sit down and decide what YOU want to do, what will make YOU happy, and fulfilled. I wanted to create a truly transformational experience that could be carried into the participants’ life and create a lifestyle that brings joy.

I didn’t just throw all of this together.  I needed my own personal transformation. Not something that everyone could see, but something that I could feel.  I needed a transformation that would guide me to my rue self, a powerful self, that was no longer willing to to feel small. 

I went through all the trial and error of seeing what modalities or disciplines would work for me, get me to open up and start doing the work of showing up for myself.  I tried just about everything: acupuncture, reading a ridiculous amounts of books, meditation, running clubs, steam rooms, extreme diets (I mean EXTREME). You name it, I tried it.

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Trying to figure out my purpose and giving myself permission to feel joy took a great deal of work. I spent a ton of time making sure everyone around me was taken care of.  In my line of work, it is about service and getting people to be their best selves.  Somewhere along the way, however, I forgot to tend to myself and my own needs. I neglected to take the time to see what I truly need and want to get me a place of personal satisfaction. 

My work is my passion. I love watching people finally recognize their potential and beyond.  It is incredibly satisfying to coach and train clients through marathons, menopause, pregnancy, post-surgery, anxiety, sudden life changes, etc.  It is gratifying because I am able to approach each circumstance holistically to make sure the individual's needs are taken care of and that their transformation is uniquely theirs. 

Often times it's much easier to give advice than to put your own words into action. While my clients thrived, I floundered. I had lost my way. 

Something had to change.

Finally, I asked myself "What do I, an individual and fully deserving person, truly need to life a personally fulfilling life?"

And thus, the work began.

Through repeated trial and error, I broke through to discover my calling. I now live my life purposefully and fully. I have the confidence to walk in the world and make choices as my true authentic self.

I believe that we all deserve to live our lives to the fullest, we deserve to be seen and accepted for who we are, and by doing so we are not only adding value to ourselves but to the world as a whole.

Together, we do the work to take you from feeling stuck, insignificant, or unsure of yourself to stepping into you own power and living a life of abundance and joy.

Are you ready for your own personal and powerful transformation?

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A four week wellness emersion designed unlock your true calling and create a plan of action. You will be supported from start to finish with both one-on-one sessions, and a private community of support and accountability.

Dates: September 6th - 30th, 2022

What's included?

  • One-on-One Passion, Purpose and Goal session
  • Weekly Yoga class
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Assignments to highlight and drive home lessons learned each week
  • Weekly accountability group 
  • 3 Monthly follow up one-on-one accountability sessions
  • Daily Meditations
  • Chakra Workshop on balancing and understanding the Chakras
  • Weekly session with psychologist Dr. Chinwe Idigo
  • Guided Journaling
  • Vision Board Workshop
  • Daily access to me, the main facilitator
  • WhatsApp group for participants to encourage each other
  • $1000 off the Soul:Unchained - The Retreat

Cost: $5990

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Explore wondrous destinations while nurturing and investing in your self. Our Soul:Unchained Retreats will take place bi-annually, with our upcoming retreat in Costa Rica, dates TBD.

What's included?


  •  A 4-7 Days getaway to various destinations. *
  • Luxury accommodations at destination
  • Daily breakfast
  • Aura readings with Nikki Nickerson
  • Daily Yoga
  • A personal coaching and goal setting session
  • A personal session of release with Dr. Chinwe Indigo
  • Breathwork and guided Meditation
  • Journaling workshop with Barb Brown
  • Belly Dance
  • Group circle of release
  • Cultural tours and events of the retreat destination


Cost: $3200

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A four week course where we make you the priority! Each week will include engaging and enriching experiences along with an accountability group for support. 

Dates May 2nd-27th, 2022

What's included?

    • One-On-One "Passion, Purpose, and Goal" session
    • Weekly Yoga class
    • Weekly Meditations
    • Assignments to highlight and drive home lessons learned each week
    • Weekly accountability group 
    • Follow up one-on-one accountability session
    • Journaling workshop
    • Pre- and post course 30-minute session with Dr. Chinwe Idigo
    • BONUS Vision Board Workshop

Cost: $999

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When you are done, you will:

Be able to identify, pursue and achieve your purpose, passion and goals

Have a formula for creating your vision

Have a clear understanding of your personal purpose

Have a GOAL with a plan in place to achieve it

Have the tools you need to implement you purpose in your everyday life

Have an accountability partner

Have a more peaceful and powerful mindset 

Feel more confident in yourself and abilities

See yourself for the powerful person you already are!


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