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Information and Instruction for Self Love, Body Acceptance, and Finding Your Voice Through an Ancient Practice

This book is here to let everyone know yoga is literally for every Body. In clear, practical and simple language, this book is a great way to introduce yourself to the benefits of yoga and the different ways it can elevate your health, mentally and physically. Featured are pictures of the author and various other bodies, ages, races, cultures and ethnicities in all their yogic glory. It is a powerful way to show that yoga is truly for every Body!

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When we think of detoxing, we usually associate it with diet cleanses and the sort. But, a "ME-Tox" is a detox of the mind and a way to reset and instill healthy habits for ourselves. This book aims to undo our negative thought processes, self-sabotaging behaviors, and ineffective coping mechanisms and build healthy habits to enhance the mind, body, soul, and ultimately live a more fulfilling life.

Take the time to invest in yourself and let the "ME-Tox" begin!

Everyone Can Do Yoga Cover

Everyone Can Do Yoga


30 Days of Inspiration and Instruction on an Ancient Practice that Works Wonders in Our Modern World.

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by empowerFit Wellness, LLC

Harness a mindset of abundance, discover your true calling, and live the life you have dreamed of!

Determine goals according to your passion, that align with who you are, and create an actionable plan to achieve them.

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