What Does It Mean to Live Your Best Life?

What does it mean to live your best life EmpowerFit Wellness Lateefah Fleming

We see and hear this phrase all over and especially on social media. It’s often captioned on images with influencers soaking up the sun on a yacht or sipping champagne, but these are simplified and superficial examples of the phrase. Living your best life, I believe, is living as the best and most authentic version of yourself. It’s not just about making more money or having a better job – it goes much deeper than that. It’s your own personal life journey.


So how can we live our best lives? 


It Looks Different for Everyone

We all have our own unique, individual, life journeys. At its core, living your best life means being the best version of yourself. It means investing in yourself, your well being, and personal growth, to feel confident in your whole self. What works for one person may look completely different for another. Embrace your path. Set aside judgments and the temptation to compare yourself to others. 

Personal Growth

Personal growth is not about changing who you are. Rather, it is about accepting your past, your current self, and courageously working to improve upon the person you are today. It is a process of becoming more yourself through reflection, acceptance, and practice. 

We invest in our personal growth when we invest into ourselves. This too looks different for everyone. It may mean committing to a meditation practice or continuing your education in a given field, and anything in between. 

Living a Fulfilled Life

To live a fulfilled life is to honor your priorities and values, whatever those are for you, and to craft a lifestyle around them (not the other way around). We can get conditioned to think that fulfillment and success looks like new cars or perfectly staged family pictures, but ask yourself “Would that truly make me happy?” . Maybe you prefer riding your bike or love the happy chaos of your family photos. It can take some time and self reflection to figure out what fulfillment looks like for you. Knowing this is an essential step in following your path and living an aligned life. 


We all deserve to live our best lives. Not only for our health and well being, but also for those around us. We get out what we put in. By investing in ourselves, and our journey, we have more to share and give to others and to contribute to the world as a whole. 





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